2010/03/11 Innocomm: Big Plans For A Small Company
Smartphone manufacturer Innocomm may not be in the same league as companies like Motorola or HTC, but that is not to say their aspirations are not to get there. They are planning the release of their very first smartphone, dubbed the “Shark”, around the m


The Shark’s specs include items such as a 3.2 inch touch screen, an 8 megapixel camera with built in flash and GPS capability. The phone will also be completely Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable right out of the box. The phone will also have a 3.5mm headset jack along with a built in mini USB connection and micro SD card slot.

The phone will have yet another interesting feature built in, an analog TV tuner. As this is their first version, the analog tuner is just the beginning and the future ones will be set up with a digital TV tuner incorporated into the design. This handset will also have 3G capability along with HSPA already installed.

Innocomm is not limited to just one phone either. They are going to be introducing a full line of phones over the rest of the year. The “Shadow” will boast a 4.3 inch screen, along with the “Gemini” and “Scorpion” models. The “Skate”, which was introduced at the 2009 MWC as the “the World’s smallest 2.8 inch smartphone based on the Android OS,” has been pushed back for awhile due to a chipset change that was found to be needed.

Innocomm has expressed no desire to work with any other platform than Android. Innocomm is quoted as saying, "Windows is nice, but it can't beat the price on Android. It's free and the Google brand is already well known. Android is the only OS we're working on." Along that same line of thought, Innocomm is hoping that providers will be offering their phones free with a paid contract.